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27 abr. 2009

"BIG SHEET": Japanese Seaweed Snacks

Ladies and Gentleman, the other day, I saw my colleague snacking bigger sheets of seaweeds. Naturally, I was intrigued and went to approach her to see what brand it was… I almost fell off the ground laughing when I saw the big labeled text saying: “BIG SHEET”. So it is my pleasure to present the newest taste sensation - the 'Big Sheet', a 'Tasty Sea' snack - now in new Spicy Flavour.

As you can see from this shot I couldn't wait to try it before taking a pic for the blog. Was indeed a big spicy sheet - a most tasty sea that was easily delicious.

1 comentario:

Anónimo dijo...

As non-native English speaker, I do not see what's the deal ... ? big sheet is it, where's the pun ?